Tools for genetic scientists

These tools are little helper applications that perform some tasks that were found to be too much effort when made by hand.



First, install Java platform, if it's not yet installed. Then install jar-file containing these programs.

Tästä löydät Java-asennusohjeet Suomeksi.

Now you can use these programs. Each programs' page contains class name to use, installing instructions above tell how can you start Java program when you know class name. And how to make shortcut for it in Windows 95/NT.

Tool 1: GUESS (17.02.2001)

Graphical User-friendly Exon Search Summarizer. Making effective automated exon searching usually needs using multiple seacrhing programs with different searching algorithms. This application enables user to send sequence to multiple exon search engines at same time and then view the results in graphically visualised form.

Tool 2: Alkalis to amino acids converter

AORG - converts DNA sequences to amino acid sequences.

Tool 3: DNA sequence splitter

SplitSequence reads a file (in FASTA-format) and splits it into seperate files of desired length and overlap between splits. This can be used to split long sequences into pieces that can be sent to different web-based services that set limits to input sequences' length.

Tool 4: Classes of these files

Jar-file that contains these classes contains also source code for these files. They are released under Gnu Public Licence (GPL), so you can use and modify them as long as all the results remain free, too.

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